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CollegeHumor’s been nominated for FIVE Webby Awards including 2 out of 5 in the Best Comedy Short category.

One of them is our Batman video with Patton Oswalt, Pete Holmes & Matt McCarthy which was nominated for Best Comedy Short AND Best Individual PerformanceWatch and vote for your favorite.



A jawfish nurses a clutch of his own eggs in the shallow waters of the Philippines near Coron Island. The male fish incubates around 400 eggs inside his mouth but has to open it slightly for the water to circulate and provide oxygen for the eggs. Breeding with jawfish works when a female lays her eggs in a male’s mouth and he fertilises and incubates them.He will hide the eggs in a burrow while feeding on zooplankton as they float by.

Picture: Zafer Kizilkaya/Photoshot/Solent News (via Pictures of the day: 21 March 2014 - Telegraph)




SPOTLIGHT: Valerie Hegarty’s Alternative Histories 

Truly breathtaking. NYC-based artist Valerie Hegarty’s artwork often poses as artifacts of art history gone awry.

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So awesome $!!


Lauren YS’s “Behind You.”

Lauren YS will be presenting a new body of work in her solo show “Behind You" at Public Barber Salon in San Francisco on Thursday, March 6th.  Keep reading for more artwork from the show:

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Pretty rad art


The independence of Independence Square, Kiev



Halloween in Brooklyn by Joey L


LA Times TV critic Robert Lloyd declares, “’Bravest Warriors' is my favorite thing on the planet.” Cartoon Hangover agrees.

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